A robust, bespoke CMS developed with JAB Developments. Completely customisable and scalable to your project

A robust, bespoke CMS developed with JAB Developments. Completely customisable and scalable to your project.

Our CMS can be tailored with any of the following standard features:
  • Simple and Easy to use - with unlimited tech support
  • Categorised content
  • Multiple custom user forms
  • E-commerce with order tracking and reporting
  • Portfolios and Case Studies
  • Complex business to business pricing and order management
  • Bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) requirements
  • Managing digitally signed contracts via Adobe EchoSign
  • Membership systems
  • Integrations with 3rd party API's
  • Page structure optimised for search engine indexing
  • Microdata markup
  • Blog with RSS Feed
  • Dynamic Site Map
  • Slideshows (mobile/touch compatible)
  • Contact page with secure form and customised google map locator

Prices start from £1500

Additional costs:
Hosting - See our hosting options

So Why Use A Bespoke CMS Over An Open Source CMS Such As WordPress?

Platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla are amazing for getting a quick and generic web presence. For a well designed blog or general marketing site we probably wouldn't recommend anything else. However if you have specific needs from your website or your business is growing fast and you need an agile and secure website that is not reliant on third party developers for essential updates, then we would recommend our bespoke CMS. 

Here are a few things to consider if you choose an open source CMS:

Insecure, Prone To Being Hacked And Spammed
Another factor is that popular Open Source CMS's are often the target for hackers. They do have regular security updates, however this can sometimes break installed plugins if they are not updated too. Having your company's website spammed or hacked can be a very stressful experience - using a bespoke and secure CMS you are less likely to be a target. Many large websites are moving away from platforms such as WordPress due to concerns over security. In November 2016, it was discovered that WordPress's auto-update server had a flaw that allowed anyone to add anything to WordPress websites worldwide. This was immediately patched, but it clearly outlines the risks.

Complicated Admin 
Some users find the admin interface over complicated and confusing to work with. Our CMS is tailored to suit your requirements exactly and includes unlimited technical support.

Can Be Inefficient With Large Amounts Of Data
For sites that require highly specialized data handling, a bespoke CMS is probably a better option.
CMS UNLTD can be easily customised to suit your unique requirements at any point - A true future proof solution that will grow and adapt with your business.